Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Prognosis is good. Whew.

I thought I'd lead with the positive thought that Kevin Ware is going to be ok. And I also wanted to show a photograph of Ware putting everything in perspective for his teammates. Even though I think that was the shock talking.

Anyway, I wanted to let the universe know that this was a lovely exception to live broadcasting. Everyone acted appropriately. The Louisville players acted appropriately (distraught and, later on, determined to win the game - which they did). One player, in particular, acted really courageously. Luke Hancock, who was on the bench at the time of the injury, immediately ran over to his fallen teammate to console him. While medical personnel were trained to automatically rush to someone's aid, Luke felt no compunction about going to Ware while everyone else tried to look the other way.

Coach Pitino acted appropriately. He put on a brave face, tried to help his player. In the end, he let a few tears fall. He even reacted appropriately when press asked the question of whether or not this was the worst feeling he had ever felt. He mentioned losing a child a few years back - that was worse. Again, perspective.

The Duke bench acted appropriately. You could feel the worry on their faces. Thornton's reaction was particularly memorable. You even felt Coach K's paternal instinct as he kept an eye on the other bench. But they kept on their side of the court. They clapped in encouragement when Kevin was finally wheeled off the court.

The Louisville cheerleaders acted appropriately. Typically known to give in to fits of OTT-ness, the ladies were surprisingly restrained and drama-free. And never forgot to do their job. They continued to yell support and encouragement at the fallen player.

CBS and the rest of the broadcast team acted appropriately. They kept the replays to a minimum, and simply let the gravity of the scene do the talking. They kept focus on the other players, the worried crowd. They temporarily ceased to discuss strategy. And, as USAToday wrote, the segue back to the game was in good taste.

Medics, doctors, and hospital staff definitely acted appropriately. And gave Kevin Ware a good prognosis.